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Peated Sauternes

Peated Sauternes

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notes of sautéed anjou pear fade into long cut snuff followed by petrichor, underlain by dry notes of calf suede leather and dried sweetgrass



dynamic and fruity, beginning with candied lemon and honeysuckle, followed by malty notes of baklava and apricot stilton



a long finish of ginger chews, musk, and palo santo



Our Peated Sauternes Texas Single Malt Whisky is made with our beloved Golden Promise Malted Barley custom peated to 65 phenolic parts per million with a Highland Peat. After distillation, the spirit is gently matured for two years in refill bourbon casks, to intentionally preserve the freshness of the malt and the elegance of the peat. Next the whisky is transferred into Premier Cru Supérieur Sauternes dessert wine casks for a long three year finish to pick up floral, honey, & orchard fruit notes. The grapes that create Sauternes wine stay on the vine late into the harvest until they become afflicted with the “noble rot” botrytis cinerea, which perforates the grape’s skin, allowing evaporation of water to concentrate the sugars and flavors within the raisined grape. Contradictory elements should celebrate their distinctions and this twin death of decayed organic matter from peated malt and the concentrated sweetness of botrytized grapes do not disappoint to intertwine and surprise - both showcasing finesse in ways they couldn’t do on their own.

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