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under-ripe and green notes of pear, green apple skins and flower stems open up to honeysuckle and fallen leaves before revealing rich notes of honey, brown sugar and soft suede leather


green fruit and light herbal aromas suggest green tea and honey with hints of fennel and lemongrass. As it breathes, the light fruit syrup impression concentrates and mingles with the soft spice notes to evoke apple pie with lemon curd, fruit salad with marshmallows and pecans and even a Rusty Nail with an accidental cucumber garnish


the finish begins where the rich sweetness gets lifted by the citrus twang, drying to notes of sandalwood and marmalade before finally offering Earl Grey tea




Mirador is a delicate yet rich interpretation of our award-winning Texas Single Malt. Aged entirely in refill oak casks, the fruity and honeyed notes of mature malt spirit are expressed elegantly, with minimal oak influence. Mirador offers the same complexity and richness of our flagship "1" Texas Single Malt, but showcases the subtlety and grace of our beloved golden promise malted barley instead of power and integration with oak. 

Our 2022 Mirador invites your senses with a relaxed nose of pear tarte and skinned pink lady apple, before a surprisingly tropical second act showcasing yellow chartreuse swizzles & playful phenols like new tennis ball. The palate starts with silky cardamom tea & tropical bubblelicious gum, followed by a complex explosionof rainbow sherbet punch, vanilla profiterole, and dried clover, before a tenacious finish of white peach rings.

We recommend enjoying our 2022 Mirador in a highball or neat and giving it 30 minutes to rest in a narrow mouth tasting glass. 

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